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Reports to: Project Manager and General Manager                                                                                                        Range of Pay: $25 - $30 /hr

Summary:As the lead worker on site this position plans, directs and coordinates all project-related activities and works. Project includes planting, grading, Interlock paving, Retaining wall, Water feature, Masonry work, Concrete work and Wood work (Fence and Deck). This position requires record keeping of the job progress, changes and any evolving needs of a construction site.Communicating openly and honestly, working diligently toward building and keeping a high level of quality on the job site while maintaining a safe working environment is the key to success in this position.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Wears provided clean company uniform and PPE (Protective Personal Equipment)– lead by example.
  2. Enforces our policies, and follows the construction methods directed by Project manager or General Manager.
  3. Instructs and trains employees in safe work practices of construction equipment, tools and job techniques.
  4. Responsible for site safety as well as identifying hazards and eliminates threats for staff, the public and others.
  5. Reports and investigates all injuries or damage to properties and machines. This includes all hazards and near misses.
  6. Ensures daily maintenance is carried out for all equipment on site.
  7. Conducts weekly safety TOOLBOX meeting (Material will be provided) be prepared in advance for these meetings.
  8. Works together with the Project Manager or General Manager to communicate any changes or concerns to the job. Inform the Project Manager immediately of any deficiencies which include mistakes, errors, contamination, or damages (property or equipment etc.) Continually working towards preventing deficiencies.
  9. Gathers all the information required before starting a job, Customer requests, Work layout, Construction Methods...
  10. Informs the Project Manager or General Manager of supplies needed as soon as possible.
  11. Keeps an accurate inventory of regularly used working tools/supplies.
  12. Oversees the crew to confirm that the direction given is being followed. Continuously monitors all works against job specifications to ensure the quality and accuracy of the work performed.
  13. Provides goal setting, motivating, coaching, teaching and encouragement to the team.
  14. Evaluates worker performance and provides periodic feedback to individuals based on their job descriptions/responsibilities.
  15. Participates in annual review with General Manager and/or Project Manager and continuous training opportunities that are available.
  16. Demonstrates a positive attitude and working climate, with an emphasis on health and safety.

Qualifications and Skills:

  1. Minimum of 3years’ experience in a supervising role in the landscape industry.
  2. True knowledge of Construction techniques and basic knowledge of horticulture and plant needs.
  3. Working experience with most construction equipment and tools (Skid Steer, Mini Excavator, Quick Saw, Chain Saw, Table Saw, etc).
  4. Capable of reading and interpreting various construction related documents.
  5. Strong organization skills.
  6. Knows and understands the capability of Construction equipment and tools.
  7. Ability to contribute in a team atmosphere and demonstrate to self-motivate.
  8. Communicate well with co-workers,supervisors, other employees, client groups and the general public while providing leadership/supervision and work direction to subordinates.
  9. Familiar to construction sites and possible hazards and opportunities.
  10. Ability to communicate in English - this includes reading and writing.

Mental Efforts:

  1. Required to work under pressure in a fast paced environment.
  2. Listening and mental attentiveness in dealing with customer or public queries.
  3. Required to take on multiple deadlines and responsibilities with frequent interruptions while remaining focused.
  4. Constantly thinking ahead and planning while leading and working along with crew members.
  5. Ability to prioritize the job and having a problem solving brain.

Physical Efforts:

  1. Ability to lift heavy objects and be in physical fit condition.
  2. Constantly bending, pulling and lifting, shoveling, raking, planting and working with hand tools for long periods of time in a repetitive motion.
  3. Moves material around job site by hand or small machines over rough construction surfaces. This includes a lot of walking and standing for long periods of time.

Working Conditions:

  1. Work outdoors in different weather conditions – ex. sun, rain, dust, snow and cold.
  2. Works from 7am-5pm Monday to Friday and possible Saturday.
  3. Focus and attention must be given to the machines and other equipment around on the job site.

Type of supervision receive:

  1. Reports to supervisor. Assignment is periodically checked for progress and quality control by immediate supervisor.

Type of supervision given:

  1. Supervise and control onsite staff.
  2. Direct and supervise subcontractors if needed.