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Landscape Technician (L.T.)

Reports to:Site Foreman or Lead Hand                                                                                                                     Range of Pay: $16 - $20/hr

Summary: Under the supervision of the Site Foreman or Lead Hand, the Landscape Technician will perform a number of physical tasks. These duties include Shoveling, Raking, Carrying material around the job site, Digging. Will assist in tree and shrub planting, Interlock paving, Retaining wall installation, Grading, Soding, Masonry work. These tasks could be done by hand, using hand tools or the opportunity to operate small machines.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Wears provided clean company uniform and PPE (Protective Personal Equipment). This includes green patch steel toed boots.
  2. Understands and follows the company policy.
  3. Follows and understands site foreman’s or lead hand’s orders.
  4. Informs the Foreman or Lead hand of any personal injury or damage to property, tools or machines.
  5. Keeps the job site tidy and tools in working order.
  6. Maintains a level of professionalism on job sites, may have encounters with clients and general public.
  7. Performs other related duties as assigned.

Qualifications and skills:

  1. Capability of following directions and completing given tasks from Lead Hand or Foremen.
  2. Contribute in a team atmosphere.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to self-motivate and display the skills to work on your own productively.
  4. Experience in physical work, Proper lifting, pulling, Shoveling and caring material.
  5. Work related experience is an asset but not necessary. However willingness to learn is a must. Onsite training will be provided.

Mental Effort:

  1. Think ahead – “What is the next step?”
  2. Willing and enthusiasm to learn.
  3. Don’t assume make sure.
  4. Be respectful to one another.
  5. Ability to work under pressure in a fast paced environment.

Physical Effort:

  1. Ability to lift heavy objects and be physically fit.
  2. Constantly bending, pulling and lifting, shoveling, racking, digging and working with hand tools for long periods of time in a repetitive motion.
  3. Moves construction material around job site using hand, wheel barrels or small machines depending on site conditions.

Working Conditions:

  1. Works outdoors in different weather conditions – ex. sun, rain, dust, snow and cold.
  2. Work days are 7am-5pm Monday to Friday and possibly Saturday.
  3. Focus and attention must be given to the machines and other equipment around on the job site. It might be a very noisy environment.


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