Commercial and Residential Landscape Contractor in Aurora

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​​​​​Commercial Landscaping

Street Tree and Buffer Planting, Top soiling, SWM Pond Planting, Parks and Trails and more

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Landscape contractor in Aurora, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Markham, GTA

Landscape Restoration

Interlock and Retaining Wall Repair, Transplanting and more

Landscape Design

Full design service, Layout Plan, Construction details and more

Landscape Construction

Retaining Wall,Interlocking, Flagstone, Erosion Control, Planting, Sod Installation and more

At Land Master Contracting Ltd., we're dedicated to mastering the art of landscaping. You supply the vision for your space, and we'll do the rest.


​Are you looking for a landscape contractor in Aurora or GTA? You are in the right page. We are one of York region's leading landscaping companies with more than18 years experience In all types of landscape work, from front yard landscaping to building a park. We know exactly what it takes to both create and maintain the exact look and feel you have in mind for your backyard, front yard, court yard, gulf course, commercial property, or anyplace else you have in mind for beautiful, lush landscaping.

Landscape Contractor Aurora, Landscaping Aurora

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